Guild Public Farm Sign Up

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Phaedo, Oct 28, 2014.

Guild Public Farm Sign Up

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Phaedo, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Please sign up here if you would like to use the Guild Public Farm in the following format:

    In-game Name
    Day you would like to sign up for
    Time you would like to sign up for

    You may sign up in advance!!! If so I will not be hiding your posts until after your slotted time has past, so others may see and know that you have requested in advance.

    If someone has requested in advance, and their slot booked, ANYONE may use the farm slot they've reserved up until the booked time.

    Example: Thane reserves a slot for 5:00pm EDT at 2:00pm. That 3 hour window is free for everyone to use, however once Thane starts his time, if there is anything left in that slot it will be removed, and mailed to you. Just remember, do not cut/pick/harvest/kill something that is not yours.

    By signing up you are agreeing to follow the rules of the farm listed below:
    • Do no touch things that aren't yours
    • You have 24 hours to use the farm, at which point anything left will either be allowed to finish growing or killed/picked/harvested/chopped and mailed to you.
    • Your 24 hours start at the time you put down.
    • You are only allowed to use AT MOST 25% of the farm. To allow 4 people use at all times.
    • You will receive an Inbox message on these forums telling you whether your sign up was accepted or denied
    • We will only deny you if there is no room, or if the time slot is already taken.
    • Visible "who is using the farm" document located here
    • Also, here are the pictures of our farmland. The green, is public.

    that doesn't mean I won't answer it. If it is a question I will remove it and inbox you my answers.

    But please. Don't post here with questions. Inbox me if you have any.
    Leave the posting for the above format ONLY.


    Also when I approve or deny your post, it will be removed from public view. It will not be deleted, but it doesn't need to still hang around for everyone to see for us to have an eventual 13 page post


    EDIT: I have decided that, while looking back at the quantity of removed threads, I will be permanently deleting all removed threads that are more than one week old to help any possible memory issues the site might have. So if you have a post older than 7 days that has been removed it will be permanently deleted.