IMPORTANT. New changes to the "Other Games" section of Teamspeak

Discussion in 'Main' started by Phaedo, Apr 28, 2015.

IMPORTANT. New changes to the "Other Games" section of Teamspeak

Discussion in 'Main' started by Phaedo, Apr 28, 2015.

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Several members brought up a good point, that the other games channel was becoming a very very long list of games, but not all of the games were being played. There would be a channel created, and then used for several days and then it would just remain empty for weeks on end.

    At first we started slimming down the channel list. Deleting channels we didn't think were being used. As far as I'm aware, it worked. No "in-use" channels were cut, and the other games channel list is shorter.

    But we came up with a better solution than guessing.

    Utilizing Timed Temporary Channels

    TeamSpeak 3 has three different types of channels: Temporary, Semi-Permanent, and Permanent. All our channels are currently permanent, they last forever and will always be there unless deleted by an admin. Permanent channels also have particular permissions that the other two don't. Whereas Semi-Permanent is like a Permanent/Temporary hybrid that also has unique permissions. However, Temporary channels can be set up in a way that they automatically delete themselves.

    I have changed some strings in the TS permissions back-end to allow Temporary channels to be created with a timer, that will count down from x seconds, in this case, 604800. Or Seven Days. This will allow Temp channels to be created upon the knowledge that it will delete itself in seven days. But I took my edits one step further. I forced the channel to do a check, and see if there are any active clients. If there are, then the timer will stop. Upon having no active clients the timer will restart it's countdown allllll the way back at the beginning. In laymen's terms:


    This new feature will allow our other games section to accommodate all popular games being favorited by our members, and will also double as a "Here's all the other games NNG is currently playing (accurate to a week)"

    If you do not see a channel you and your friends are playing in the other games section, contact an admin and we will create one for you. Once the channel has been left empty for a full seven days, it will delete itself. If you are still playing the game and this happens, let us know again and we'll be happy to re-make it for you.

    Edit: It is a possibility that these new temp channels might delete themselves if we restart the server. So because of this Admins will either have to change all the temp channels to permanent, restart the server, and change them back, or restart it, and re make them. Your choice. /coffee
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