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Reporting Nonsense

  1. The nonsense in question. Your server.

    You would think the name "no nonsense" would be home to serious players and intelligent admins. Of all the servers on BF3, no nonsense gamers has to be the funniest. Everything about your server is nonsense. You are run by a collective IQ of less that 100. I saw the word college get thrown around a few times, but I really hope that no college was dumb enough to accept you all. Maybe you guys notice your server is horribly moderated, having more "nonsense" gamers than you can count. You create a Hardcore, ranked server, that you don't upkeep a serious mentality for. The term Bass ackwards is the most fitting phrase I can come up with. Oh, and your ban is more nonsense. You could not keep me from your forums if you tried. (Thats an official challenge btw, just in case your limited literacy was unable catch that). I think I know why you are against the use of racial slurs, I am guessing its a touchy subject. I want you to know, its an honor to take 5-10 min out of every day to make a point of being a completely annoying douchebag, each and every day. I will leave many more messages of nonsense with a big smile on my face. See you guys tomorrow, and I eagerly await your vain attempts to keep me off your forums:D

    P.S. I am sure you know who this is, so there is no need to post that as well.
  2. DubTx

    DubTx Donating Member

    Dec 16, 2011
    This is 54MU5 who did nothing but sit in the server, fuck around, and bitch. I have a sneaking suspicion this is just another persona for another asswipe who likes to do the same thing. As long as punk asses like this aren't on the server, I think we're doing alright.
  3. Lol as a side note, before I respond to this DubTx asswipe. I only came today because Ghostkiller was a good player and was fun to play with. Sorry Ghost, but you have some asswipe kids as admins, and my only regret is I wont get a shot to play with you again.

    As to DubTxs response. I made 1 complaint in the entire 5-6 hours I was on the server. The rest of everything else I said was mocking 19 year old kow the SUPER ADMIN. The reason for the 1 complaint I made that resulted in me being captain asshole? Constant base rape, tk'ing and the creme de la creme was getting kicked for asking the AA driver to let someone else who knew how to drive it get in for the last stretch of the game. So in short, I make 1 comment to try and get our team some air support and I am kicked within 5 min. Then I am an intentional ASS HAT for 5 hours and you FINALLY banned me. Seems you are quick to ban people trying to help and slow to ban the real problems. This is precisely why I think you (DUB) and Kow are mentally retarded. I have to say, you really made my day enjoyable though. Also, aside from myself, multiple base rapers, team killers and griefers were reported by numerous players, and not a warning nor a ban was issued. The only bans that went out were server automated for filtered language. 2 admins over a period of 5 hours, and you cant even maintain law and order. Imagine what happens when an admin is not present. Again, Yesterday when Ghostkiller was on, I saw non of the above.

    Of all the players on the server, the admins should be the furthest from reproach. Without the [NNG] tag, you could not differentiate DubTx or Kow from average shithead with a potty mouth and bad attitude. I am fine that you banned me, but know that you both were as actively engaged in rating and arguing along with me. So your response to an asshat is to stoop to his level? It belabors me to point out again the Irony of the name nononsense, when the nonsense begins with poor admins.
  4. GhostSheets

    GhostSheets Opus Eponymous

    Dec 3, 2011
    You are welcome back to our site any time. :D

    The fact that you even bothered to take the time to find our forums, create an account, authenticate that account, navigate to the proper section and then post your ban dispute is actually quite telling. We must be doing something right.

    Hopefully you can appreciate the added work we have to do, as our server ranks up in popularity, to keep it running like a well oiled machine at all times. It can be somewhat of a chore sometimes. Easily comparable to babysitting.

    If you happened to use a racial or derogatory term, you were probably auto banned. We dislike the use of those types of words not because we're scared or totally offended by the words themselves but usually because attached to that word are very specific types of personalities that we don't want on our server. So yes, we do try to uphold the no nonsense thing. /yay

    If you were banned manually by an admin, then they have my full support because I can already see the type of person we're dealing with here. Dub and Kowl are people who take time to admin the servers and ultimately end up spending 65% of their time playing and 35% babysitting. I appreciate their assistance to NNG in that regard more than you could ever know.

    Lastly, I just wanted to quote this:

    I once knew what it felt like to behave this way so it's very easy for me to sort of narrow down a very small age window that I suspect you may fall into.

    PS: I am sure you know what number that is, so there is no need to post that as well.

    Oh hey, now onto your little post script note:

    You claim to only have done a single thing that prompted us to ban you, yet you don't sign up in the forums using your true account name and assume we know who you are. This tells me there may be a few significant chunks missing from your story. In order for us to just know who someone is when they creep our forums usually takes a pretty serious and repetitive form of abuse on our servers to trigger that connection. Anyway, I can see the guys already locked this thread, so I hate to respond after the fact but sometimes I just can't help myself.

    You've somehow taken a group like us, who:
    • Try to make everyone's game more enjoyable
    • Try to fairly and evenly administrate
    • Have an open ended community policy always welcoming new members
    • Are good, honest people in the virtual and real world
    • Have rules that make sense and can easily be found
    • Ultimately just want to have a good, clean and fun game
    ...and paint us as the bad ones?
    Come on bro...
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