The ArcheAge Division

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Phaedo, Oct 9, 2014.

The ArcheAge Division

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Phaedo, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Phaedo

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Hello ArcheAge Division! ;)

    This past week a lot of internal workings were changed and shifted due to a lot of issues and less-than-optimal occurrences. Due to the site not being very post-able the word wasn't really able to get out.

    Until now.

    So to address the issues, and common questions first, so everyone realizes they've been handled/addressed:

    • Guild Chests being un-safe.
    • Things going missing from the Guild Chests.
    • People picking/harvesting/cutting/killing, plants/crops/trees/animals that aren't theirs.
    • People just doing their job.
    • "I put in a lot of effort at the guild farm, but I don't really get much out of it".
    • "I pay a lot to sustain the guild farm, but I don't really get reimbursed".
    • Now that the guild chests are locked, how do we get things in/out of it?
    • Sending items we want to deposit into the guild chest through mail starts to get costly.
    • Which farms are ours?
    • Did the guild public farm idea go through?
    • Who is in charge of the chests?
    • Who do I need to talk to so as to know what I should/shouldn't place on the guild lands?
    • What should I place on the guild lands?
    • Should I cut things down/harvest things on the guild lands that don't fall under my vocation?
    • What should/shouldn't I replant?
    • I can't afford to keep replacing plants/crops/trees/livestock.
    • Are we doing a guild trade run?
    • What's the Difference between Guild-Backed Trade Runs and Guild Trade Runs?
    • How goal oriented are we with the guild objective(s)?
    • Is ArcheAge an actual Division?

    So as you can see your officers have been busy as fuck this last week, and we've addressed ALL of these issues. #TakeThatSony

    Now to get into all the nitty-gritty:


    How will it work from now on?

    The guild farmland will now work under a tight "schedule". I use the term loosely because it's not really a schedule, but rather a set growing cycle. Things grown in our property up in Karkasse (pron: Carcass) Ridgelands, will be making materials for the guild to both, make trade runs to accomplish our current goal, and to make trade runs for it to make money. All excess materials that are left over after our guild-backed runs will be made into trade packs and all turned in by one of your leaders, either myself or Mortos, depending on who is online. Those trade packs will then be taken by members of the guild to an area with the biggest payout and then transferred to one of the leaders for gold. That gold will then be taken and stored into the guild chest and that money will be used to purchase:
    • Seeds
    • Saplings
    • Livestock
    • Quality Certificates
    • and other 'over-time-money-draining' guild money sinks
    The guild property (shown here) has two different outline colors. Green is the outline of our Guild Public Farm (GPF). This operates almost exactly how the public farms in the game work. Anyone can plant here. The difference is that in-order to not have your planted items be uprooted and mailed back to you, you need to sign up. There will be a sticked thread on this forum called "Guild Public Farm Sign Up". This thread will be heavily moderated and the only allowed submissions to that thread will be shown there. So check it out here if you're curious. The Guild Public Farm in-game will also be heavily moderated. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ANYTHING ON THAT FARM THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. I cannot bold the previous sentence enough. This. Is Big. If you do not listen to that sentence disciplinary action may be taken. The guild public farm is only allowed to be used by the people who signed up for it. And if we start to get reports that people have been killing animals or cutting trees or harvesting plants that do not belong to them.... Don't ruin this for everyone.
    The Yellow outline is the regular guild lands. This is where we will produce most all of our materials. Nothing will be placed on the guild farmlands unless it is exactly what we need for whatever we are doing. And as farm manager, I will be trying to keep that as clear as possible of excess and random trees/plants/crops/animals. Nothing is to be planted on guild farmland unless I've approved it.

    Now to clarify the difference between "Guild-Backed Trade Runs" and "Guild Trade Runs".

    A Guild-Backed, or Guild Sanctioned Trade Run, is a trade run where we all have someone build a pack using materials from the guild's farmlands and we load a bunch of them up on a ship and go somewhere, funnel the packs back to the person who made them, and then turn them in for Guilda for the guild to buy people things using guilda.

    A Guild Trade Run, is a trade run where we use excess materials from the farmland to make trade packs and turn it in for gold. All the gold is put back into the guild chests, and will then be used for future endeavors.
    How does Guild Land and Guild Funds work in supporting my vocation?

    The Guild promises to back its gatherers/farmers/loggers/husbanders 100% in terms of purchase. If you need seeds, saplings, or livestock purchased, send myself, Phaedo, mail in game telling me:
    • what you need
    • how many
    • by when
    so as I can get the funds and get the items you requested. So it should look something like this:

    " From: Kuat
    Subject: Need Livestock

    Hey Phaedo,

    I need:

    3x Cows
    2x Yata
    11x Pigs

    by tuesday, 10/14 at 8pm EDT.

    It's simple, and it conveys the point directly as to what you need. And that's it.

    Also the guild lands will support your vocation in terms of production as well. All Gatherers/Farmers/Loggers/Husbanders are allowed to keep a percentage of their yield. They are not obliged to turn all of it in. At most, you are allowed to keep 40% of whatever you pick/harvest/cut/produce. The other 60% is expected to be put into the guild dropbox, which will be located on the floor on the back wall of the Thatched Farmhouse. The 40% is optional. You don't have to take 40% if you don't want to. You can take less, or none at all. We just wanted to let our workers know a few things. One, thank you for working on the guild farm lands, and two feel free to share in the fruits of your labor. It wasn't right of us to have you spend so much labor and never see anything from it.

    Also for further clarification, The above paragraph only pertains to the guild farmlands. The guild public farm yield is 100% belonging to the persons who used it. None of what is grown on the guild public farm land is expected to be given to the guild. That land is our gift to you guys.​
    I for one welcome our new Demonologist overlord

    The guild storage chests have been permanently locked due to things mysteriously vanishing. Because of this Mortos, who is also our guild leader, has agreed to take the reins on the chests. He will be in-charge of the guild chest spreadsheet, located here. He will be frequently cleaning out the Guild Dropbox throughout the day moving things from it, into its respective chests in-game, then updating the spreadsheet so you all know what we have in the chests and where we have it. He will also update the log whenever things are added/removed from the chest.

    There is also a guilda column which is where you will see how much guilda the guild has to spend on blueprints for our members.

    If you want something from the guild chests send mail to Mortos, in the same format show above in the previous section. Tell him:
    • What you want
    • How much
    • By when
    Let's try to keep things simple and effective!​
    You gotta have swag. Oh and you need to fill out this resume...

    The Guild will have many goals throughout its lifetime. The first of which was to obtain farmland in Karkasse Ridgelands. Second of which was to start getting more NNG members intrested in ArcheAge. And now we are on our third goal, Obtaining a Merchant Ship.

    As you know we are in an alliance with The 903rd Marauders from planetside, The Mansters, a cool group of dudes from ArcheAge, and we are on "terms" with Man Up and Clan Magnus Legio, also from planetside, and CMLs alliance. No formal alliances have been made between us and either of those last two groups, but we have a.. relationship.

    Getting back on point, our current guild goal is not only a goal for our guild, but a goal for our alliance with 903 and Mansters. once we obtain our merchant ship we will use it to help both us make $$$ but to also help them get theirs. Goals are decided by what we need, not want, but need at a particular time. The trading game is really starting to pick up in-game now. Many guilds already have merchant ships, and we need to be able to stay with the curve in terms of profit. We have a secondary goal currently of acquiring a Galleon as well, but the merchant ship is the big one.

    These goals are not arbitrary and will be chosen in a slightly different way from now on. I will become the "Guilda Whore" for the guild. All Guild-Backed Trade Runs will start with me making 12-20 trade packs, and then having us running it somewhere via ocean, and then I will turn all of them back in for Guilda and update our guild's guila records. We will be setting goals and milestones and once reached the guilda will be use to purchase the blueprints of the item we need, and it will be given to someone who meets the following requirements:

    • They contribute to the guild
    • They help during both guild-backed runs and guild runs
    • They are available on a pretty constant basis
    • They will be able to be summoned on a moments notice if their item is needed for guild purposes
    So being given a guild blueprint is both an achievement for the guild, but also an achievement on a personal level, because it means that you earned it. And remember! We have a list of all those who meet the above requirements and it is updated daily. It will eventually get to the point where all those who meet the requirements have something to show for it, so don't worry! If you guys work hard and meet the above specification you will see something for it. It is just a matter of time.​
    To give a little transparency where I think it is due

    As you all know I am the guild leader for this group. I've been working pretty hard to keep you guys happy, and get everything flowing in terms of making this a division. I have filled out an application, submitted it. It has been reviewed and accepted by the Admins, however somethings needed to be done in the meantime.

    First, it needed a vetting period to make sure the game wasn't just hype. A 2 week timeframe where it was treated like a division but not officially named one so as the admins can see that this game does have a place in our community. That ended today.

    Second, I needed to choose a co-lead to stabilize the division and make sure that power would be equally distributed between myself and another leader. Since GhostSheets and Nraged stepped down that has been the structure of each division. PlanetSide has their 2 leaders, War Thunder theirs. So I needed one as well. Through some questioning and checking the people I felt would be best for the position, I choose Mortos to be the ArcheAge Division Leader along side myself. I say Division Leader because I don't like the term "Co-Lead". It gives a slight hinting of a #1 and #2. Well I don't know how the other divisions work in that sense, but here there is no #1 and #2, only two #1s....


    you're all #1s.

    #1 for making this division what it is and helping me get to where I am. My officers are #1 for being there to support this idea from the beginning, and giving me their time, and their effort when it was needed most. Our members are #1 for being so fucking awesome and really staying true to the No Nonsense Gamers ideas.

    Our community is #1.

    So to answer all of your questions....

    Yes. ArcheAge is a Division.
    But we're more than just a division.
    We're friends. We're family. We're a bunch of people that like to have fun and kick ass while doing it.

    So I say to you all, finally, in thanks,

    We've made it.​
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    May 17, 2014
    Yay! Just so people know JCST is on the OTHER FACTION on the server. If you wish to make an alt, please contact Starlightbreaker in game or myself through the forums and I'll get you an invite. Right now it's a two man operation (myself and SeansBacon) but if you want to have a change of pace or see what's up, the door is open. We'll work together with everyone as best as possible, if something happens in PvP (or farming mats, mining even) in a shared area we'd love to help. If you want to see if anyone is selling something cheaper on our side, send us a poke. We're your inside guys on the other faction.
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  3. Nraged

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    Dec 17, 2012
    What are the goals for PVE/PVP/PVF(farming)?
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  4. Phaedo

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Finish all raids aqcuire all gear

    Dunk All Shitters, calling it the DAS Project

    Grow Baby Grow

    Currently, as to what we're growing, I would have to get in game and take a look
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  5. ThaneKrios

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    Nov 2, 2013
    Jaamaw, Friednug, and I have been running the dungeon greater howling abyss just about every night with various people! We are able to clear regular howling like it's a cake walk.
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    Dec 17, 2012
    Good stuff comrade!
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  7. Shuzaah

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    May 13, 2014
    First off, Congrats on the new division. You and Mortos (and many others) are definitely on the ball and we have reaped the benefits to prove it. The way the division has been run was the deciding factor in my decision to request rejoining NNG Community.

    I'm glad we can now kick it up a notch in terms of efficiency. We have around 20 lvl 50s now which is a huge multiplier when it comes to wealth, strength, and knowledge of the game. And as we have learned, the beauty of AA is that you can play it however you choose.

    Given how many people we have doing a million different tasks I wamted to briefly explain what several of us have been establishing for the long term benefit of the guild. As you may or may not know, I purchased housing and land from the Mansters several weeks ago. It started with a house and two gardens right in Birchkeep, White Arden. Since then, Dapoets, Sixten, and most recently Yrgna have expanded the land there to a total of 1 cottage, 6-7 gardens, and 1 large farm. Additionally, Dapoets and i have used this land to produce enough income to purchase land in hellswamp and halcyona. I am working on procuring a large farm in Cinderstone Moor for further production but also a point of storage for guild trade packs.

    So what are we using this land for? We have unofficially established our "plantation" as we call it for the sole purpose of efficient, purposed-based farming, gathering and livestock to be used solely for specified trade packs within the continent. Simply, it is a massive gold farm. We recognized that while we as a guild are currently heavily focused on interncontinental gilda runs, we also need an established base to produce income (gold). With the utilization of several farm carts, we are bringing in large sums of daily wealth. Now, while this land was privately secured by individuals, I feel it is important that those of us on this land also contribute substantially to the guild. This comes in the form of monetary and material support when called upon for guild activities. We are very machine-like with our production and trade route running and we hope to able to use the knowledge we've gained to aid in making our guild farmland as efficient as possible. Remember, it takes money to make money. If all your trade pack mats are bought on AH, you are losing potential profits and without carefully planning what you grow to maximize yields, you may end up on a financial platuea.

    I will work with Dapoets and others to map out visual trade routes for those wanting to expand their commerce skills. We can also share our ideas on efficient farming if requested. If done right, you will be swimming in cash.
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    Nov 10, 2012
  9. Shuzaah

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    May 13, 2014
    I got very lucky and landed the cottage and 2 gardens during after the first week for 200g. There's no way I would've gotten had Code (Mansters guild lead) not offered it to me due us being friends from a couple of years ago and him needing to lessen his tax burden b/c he is out of the country for a month or so. It was the ultimate by at the time. Now, I'd be lucky to find gardens that sell for less than 100g.
  10. Captain Murasa

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Hospi, I have a Firrani alt right now. Her name is Chenika.

    When I eventually return back to Archeage and level my freaking elf to 50, I'll be back to be an annoying cat.
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