Zero's Fantastic list of rage induced mech reviews!

Discussion in 'Mech Warrior Online' started by ZeroXephon, Dec 29, 2014.

Zero's Fantastic list of rage induced mech reviews!

Discussion in 'Mech Warrior Online' started by ZeroXephon, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. ZeroXephon

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    Oct 22, 2012
    Cataphract -Any of them
    Why? Holy crap do these things get cored SUPER easily! You can try to divert most of you back armor into your front, sure. However, it makes little to no difference and you just get butt humped that much faster! While they are not too shabby of a mech to sit behind some assaults and plink away at stuff with, if you decide to take point you can kiss your flat broad face good bye. Also stock these mechs are slow, so...god...damn...slow! 4.5/10

    Locust - any of them
    While this mech is stupid fast, unfortunately its speed does not make up for its lack of firepower or enormous lack of anything resembling armor. If you get a variant that does not have ECM then you have just failed because if anything sees this, it dies. No really, if something looks at you funny, the poor locust just keels over and dies. The only good use I have found for mine (Pirates Bane) is scouting and capturing points. The enemy base IS NOT a point! Those turrets are not your friend, and they will dispense hot lasery death on the locust, so just stop. 3/10

    Cicada - All of them besides the X5
    So you want to play a medium mach that has almost as much armor as a light and as much armaments as a light but has the handling of a school buss (in comparison to lights). Then this is the mech for you! You are pretty much a light, in a easier to hit medium body! 6/10

    Dire Wolf - ???
    You will get there.....eventually. 6.5/10

    WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT A HUGINN!!?? This is seriously probably the best mech in the game (at least to me). If you buy this then you have won! Congrats! You beat the game! 9.5/10
    Raven 3L (and (C)) This is also a good pick. You get to be a fast sneaky bastard with ecm and shoot you hot lasers all over peoples faces. 8.5/10
    Other Ravens: This is where the raven love ends. The rest of them are just kinda meh. Even after you trick them out and dump millions into them they are just kinda there. 4/10

    Stormcrow: Look at this hunchbacked looking mofo! This thing looks like Igor. Because its left and right torso tower over everything else on this mech it makes them VERY easy to get melted off! That too bad to because the stormcrow besides this one huge downside is a pretty versatile mech! With a few omnipods this mech can fill a lot of shoes. I have made it into a missile boat, a laser boat and UAC20 face blaster. However it always comes down to "what side of will get blown off in the first 3 minutes of game play this time?". 6/10

    Hunchback: Just....dont. My experience thus far was went like this...
    My first mech is going to be a Hunchback 4g because I get to blast things in the face with a AC20! WOOOOooooomfg, why is it only go 68kph!? I cant get close enough to use it! ----9mill later!--- Sweet I now run at 84kph and have 2 AC5s, I am a mini battlemaster for amost the same cost =D ! 4/9,000,000

    Timber Wolf - Parts seem to fall off thins thing in combat like a cheap car and it apparently thinks its in the wild west because its arm weapons shoot at hip height! So no peeking for you! Other than that this is a pretty solid heavy. Its fast and like most clan mech you can make it do a lot of things by buying a few omnipods. 7.5/10